Business Model and Master Plan Design Brief for 173 Ha of Land - Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Project A Mixed Use Project Client Confidential Site Area 173 Ha Location Phu Quoc island, Vietnam Services Market Study, Master Plan Review, Phasing Recommendations and Feasibility Study

The Challenge

The client owned a large site of 173 Ha with various possible phasing and development options available. The client required a consultant that could offer hospitality expertise to consult on optimising the master plan, development concept and phasing. There were three options of master plan submitted from the design consultant each of which required a review of the interaction and circulation within the components.

Our Solution

Alternaty worked closely with the client to finalise the project concept which set out the master plan direction that was then used as guidance for the international design consultant. The Alternaty team helped to review the three master plan options. The key criteria were identified including development positioning, master plan identity, phasing possibilities that would not interfere with the project operation and sale, costs and return risks of each option as well as the interaction among the components. Besides visual implications, concerns about operational efficiency were identified and resolved.