Design Brief for a Midscale Hotel Project – Da Nang, Vietnam

Project Mabelle Hotel Client Tuyet Lien Son Site Area Approximately 1,300 sm Location Danang City, Vuetnam Services Feasibility Study, Development Recommendations and Design Brief

The Challenge

Mabelle Hotel was the client’s first hospitality project. They were lacking in hotel development experience and did not have a strong supporting team. Alternaty joined during the planning stage when the concept design was being finalised. Alternaty was quickly able to uncover critical design errors and a serious lack of consideration regarding operating functions. The overall development concept was very unclear in terms of positioning.

Our Solution

Alternaty first completed an in depth market study to identify gaps and opportunities in the market. Based on this, the business model was refined and positioning identified that realistically matched the developer’s investment budget. Since the developer did not have much experience in hospitality, Alternaty arranged a competitor inspection trip in a foreign country so that the developer could get a better sense of the various brands available, business models and latest trends.

Upon return from the trip, the client then was able to confidently decide on an alternate and much more suitable hotel positioning. Alternaty then prepared a detailed area program and design brief which was used as the main guidance for the architect to redesign a more appropriate scheme. Alternaty provided advice regarding positioning and hotel model definition, functional descriptions, planned areas for different components and identified key factors to be incorporated in the hotel design. The design was then revised one single time, with elimination of unnecessary or wasted space and improved integration among the functions.