Feasibility Study for a Mixed-use Building – Ho Chi Minh City Center, Vietnam

Project A Mixed-Use Project comprising of a Luxury Hotel, Office and Retail components Client Satra Site Area Approximately 9,000 sqm Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Services Feasibility Study and Operator Selection

The Challenge

The client owned and operated the Satra Tax Plaza commercial project which was located in the HCMC Central Business District. The historical building had been approved by the Government to redevelop into a mixed-use project comprising of hotel, office and retail components. With many development options available to them, the Client required an independent and specialist hotel consultant to evaluate the feasibility of all options and then select a suitable operator and brand.

Our Solution

The question that the client grappled with was how to structure the development mix to ensure that the very high investment cost would be paid back in a reasonable amount of time. Alternaty worked hand in hand with the client to evaluate the feasibility of the available options, analysed the required investment budget and conducted cash flow simulations for the various scenarios.With a super prime location, Alternaty was able to attract a large selection of top tier international operators and brands that fiercely competed for the opportunity to manage the project. The client required a prestigious brand to create long term value for the project and developer. Not only was the most suitable operator and brand selected, but Alternaty was able to negotiate extremely attractive commercial terms on behalf of the developer.